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Fellowship Program

Funding Program


Article 1. This program shall aim to subsidize invitation costs for international researchers engaged in the project-related fields in order to support joint research including discussions and opinion exchanges with the project researchers in the University as well as lectures and so forth under the CIJR Project, gStable Development of East Asia and Japan's Role: Globalization, Quality of Growth and Governanceh (Research Project of Policies for East Asia).


Article 2. As a general rule, funding shall be capped at 600,000 yen per person.
2. In the event that a foreign researcher wishes to remain in Japan subsequent to the period of invitation for the program, Hitotsubashi University shall not assume any responsibility for the subsequent period of stay.
3. Travel expenses shall be paid in accordance with the gHitotsubashi University Travel Expense Regulationsh and rewards paid in accordance with the gReward Payment Standardsh (determined by a meeting of department heads).

[Eligibility of the Funding Applicants]

Article 3. Applicants shall satisfy all of the following.
1. Shall be a full-time Hitotsubashi University faculty member participating in the Project (persons defined in Article 3.2 of Hitotsubashi University Faculty Member Work Regulations). However, this shall not apply to readers and fixed-term lecturers (persons defined in Article 9 of the same regulations).
2. Shall not be receiving any assistance for other expenses through a means equivalent to this funding system.

[Requirements for the researchers to be invited]

Article 4. Candidates shall satisfy the following
-Candidates shall be foreign researchers engaged in research fields related to this Project and be nationals of countries which have diplomatic relations with Japan.

[Application Process]

Article 5. Applicants shall fill in the attachment #1 (Fukino Fellowship Program Expense Funding Application) and submit the application to the Research Project of Policies for East Asia Administrative Division.

[Determination of funding]

Article 6. Funding shall be determined by the Research Project of Policies for East Asia Administrative Division and shall be announced at the Sub-theme Administrator Meeting.
2. Notification of screening results shall be forwarded in writing to the applicant.

[Researcher Obligations after Receipt of Funding]

Article 7. Subsequent to program completion, researchers shall promptly submit attachment #2 (Fukino Fellowship Program Performance Report) to the Research Project of Policies for East Asia Administrative Division.
2. Invited researchers shall publicly announce their research achievements in a gFukino Project Discussion Paperh and register them in the Fukino Project homepage and the Hitotsubashi University repository.

[Administrative Affairs]

Article 8. Administrative affairs for funding shall be conducted by the International Affairs Office of Academic Affairs with the cooperation of the CIJR.


1. Details concerning public recruitment shall be set forth separately.

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